Welcome to We aim to provide the foundation for the web of tommorrow, today.
We have a very set of commands right now, but these should be more than enough to get going.
Commands are executed in order.

js(eth_address) - loads a script stored at eth_address into the page

web3() - Checks for injected web 3, otherwise initializes web3.min.js

un() - Unzips and executes a js file. Requires jszip.min.js to be loaded is experimental and may not work in all browsers yet. is a project.
The default command will take you to a minimal library browser too!
Currently the minimal browser only works with works on the blockchain, so check out books with ID 1, 4, or 11.

p.s. jszip.min.js is at address 0xEb8B006Ee7ab4aB384C15DD8ceBaba9663B1e404