Welcome to Phoenix, a project by the Holocron.Foundation. Phoenix is the open source and public domain generalized implementation of the technology behind the Library. Phoenix aims to bring the databases of yesterday into the web of tommorow by providing utilities dedicated to porting CSVs and SQL databases to the Ethereum Blockchain. Storing important data on the blockchain provides key benefits including:

  • Redundancy and permanence: Your data will never dissapear.
  • Accesibility: Access your data on any Ethereum Node, or use public endpoints to pull your data over the internet.
  • Verfication and auditability: Using the blockchain allows users to verify that your data is accurate and complete at any time.
  • Smart extensions: Leverage the power of the Ethereum Network to add smart functions to your data, or create a public interface to allow easy access.

Phoenix is young and just beggining: Curruntly it is a sparse project on Github. However, by generalizing the technology behind another Holocron.Foundation Project, The Library, we'll be laying the foundation for what I envision being an easy to use utility. My end goal is to have desktop applications that anyone with any computing experience will be able to use. Though we're not there yet, we're off to a good start!

Check out our github here!