Welcome to the Holocron.Foundation. We aim to preserve important scientific and cultural works on the Ethereum blockchain, all while contributing knowledge regarding storage and other related breakthroughs to the greater Ethereum ecosystem through our open source code. Please see our about page for more info!

The library acts as a repository of human knowledge. Some of the greatest works of all time can now be preserved on the Ethereum Blockchain. Check out some samples below, or go ahead and browse the full library.

Project Phoenix is the open source and public domain generalized implementation of the technology behind the Library. This technology can be leveraged to turn CSVs or SQL databases into files that can be uploaded onto the Ethereum Blockchain. This is a work in progress and is currently early in development. From the ashes of the old file systems will arise a new file system.

Reincarnati.online is a project designed to minimize web pages and deliver them using the power of the Ethereum Network... Yes, dynamic content without any traditional servers. You can even load a version of the library using reincarnati.online!